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Description of problem:
When looking at the map of Saperda punctata, there are hundreds of records shown in gbif data. However, this data is not available in gbif.
(and the data is for sure right, as the species is for example very rare in southwestern Germany with few records known, but already there are about 100)

iNaturalist seems to acess a wrong species here!?

Another question: Is it possible to somehow make gbif data always visible in the iNaturalist maps? So to save the preference to show gbif data? Would be a really nice feature, as right now, gbif has much more data available which helps a lot.

It was incorrectly linked to the genus, so it was showing all of GBIF’s data for genus Saperda.
I fixed the link to GBIF so it’s now only showing S. punctata. See more info here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/gbif-link-on-taxon-map-goes-to-genus-instead-of-species-within-urocitellus/11966

You would have to post this separately as a feature request.


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Thanks… now it works, yes. But Saperda carcharias shows no gbif data at all, while gbif shows thousands of points …

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Did you try the fix outlined in the link above?

If do, it did not save as the reference ID was not updated. I fixed it and the points show.

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