iNaturalist on International Botanical Congress, Madrid

Hi all,

Due to efforts of Sonia Molino de Miguel and Mario Mairal Pisa, there will be iNaturalist symposium on IBC entitled “LET PEOPLE COME TO BOTANY II: IMPROVING FLORA KNOWLEDGE THROUGH iNATURALIST”. This session will take place 26th July, at 5 pm.

The IBC takes place every six years under the supervision of the International Association for Botanical and Mycological Societies (IABMS). The 20th was scheduled to take place in 2023 in Brazil after Shenzhen’s (China) 2017. Unfortunately, the difficult situation caused by the worldwide pandemic has made impossible to organize this big event in Brazil in 2023. Rooted in the tradition of Systematic Botany, the IBCs have enlarged their scope over more than a century to become an integrated forum for knowledge on the plant and mycological world. Please take a look at the broad scope of topics that we hope to include in this upcoming IBC in this site. The Congress will include plenary lectures, concurrent symposia, posters, exhibitors, as well as short courses and workshops.


Hope to see iNatters in Madrid.



After reading your topic, I started thinking, “Is there a World Congress of iNatters? SHOULD there be a World Congress of iNatters?”

And I thought, “No. There isn’t a World Congress of Computer Users either, despite events like CES, MWC, etc.”

Computers are simply tools that we all use because they enable us to accomplish so much more. When you compare the computers of today to the computers of previous decades, today’s computers are incredibly powerful and easy to use.

In the same way, one day, iNaturalist will become an indispensable tool for everyone who loves nature. iNaturalist is constantly becoming more powerful and more user-friendly. Let’s do everything we can to make that day a reality! :muscle: :herb: :heart:


How cool! I took a look at the program and some other key words (besides iNaturalist) that piqued my interest include, APG V, PPG II, World Flora Online, and a Poaceae TENS (a WFO concept). Sounds like a very interesting event!

Also just noticed your topic is also a paper that you’re the lead author on. I’m definitely going to have to check that out!

Also, 443 proposals to amend the Code. Whoa!