iNaturalist refusing to use the date on my photos that are exported from darktable

So I like to edit some of my photos in darktable for observations, such as cropping and brightening, but all of a sudden iNaturalist isn’t adding the date/time of the photo to the observation when I import the edited photo. I have checked the photos exported from darktable and they all have the capture date in the properties, so I don’t think this is an issue on my end.

Here’s an example image with an edited darktable exported JPG on the left and on the right an untouched JPG out of the camera chrome_2019-12-03_20-17-05

And here’s an image of the properties of those same images, (darktable edited & exported JPG on the left, untouched JPG on the right)

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This is either the same or a very similar issue as this one from a few days ago :) (it’s certainly the same issue I mentioned there, not sure if it’s the same as the original issue though).


Ahh I didn’t see that post, thanks! yes it’s very similar. What’s got me stumped though is why a camera produced JPG works but if I export from darktable it doesn’t work, even though it’s a JPG and has the capture date…


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