Inconsistent conservation status display on nearby observations of same species

iNat records the species Triteleia grandiflora as being Endangered in Canada. (Actually, Canada’s designation applies to Triteleia howellii, which FONA and POWO have subsumed into T. grandiflora, but that’s not the issue here.) As a consequence, any observation of this species in Canada should display a red EN conservation status tag to the immediate right of the name.

Here’s an observation where that displays correctly:

And here’s one from less than 2 km away where the conservation status icon is not displayed:

Both observations have the same sequence of IDs. Is this an indexing error, or something more complex?

I’m seeing both with the proper label on Chrome.

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Thanks! Maybe it’s a caching issue? The original issue was also in Chrome (for Mac). Can’t restart just yet to check if it goes away. Both show correctly in Firefox, so maybe it’s transitory?