Taxon incorrectly listed as NT, but when clicked listed as LC

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Step 1: Visit the page of a specific observation of the species Pelargonium triste. The general taxon page is labelled correctly
Step 2: The proposed CITES listing symbol displays its status as NT, when it should be LC, but when clicked it declares its status to be LC. The location is also obscured because of this glitch, marking it down as NT

Is it one of those cases where South African status doesn’t override global one?

In the threat status entry for this taxon the equivalent IUCN status to SANBI’s LC is listed as NT (Near Threatened). I suspect somebody misread NT as meaning Not Threatened. It is also obscured, although if LC then I’m not sure why. It isn’t obscured because of the NT setting.

I flagged the taxon, which is the appropriate procedure. It isn’t a bug …
Flag for Taxon: Pelargonium triste (Night-scented Pelargonium) · iNaturalist

Closing this topic to focus discussion on the iNat taxon flag linked above.