Incorrect photo ID in a "Guide" page is one of the top Google results for this species

I signed up for iNaturalist just to correct this, but there appears to be no way to do that for a “Guide” entry page.

The page in question:

The second photo, by Dietmar Nill, is a Schreiber’s long fingered bat (Miniopterus schreibersii) on a rock. Not a silver-haired bat. I think this photo is also copyrighted and shouldn’t have been uploaded in the first place.

What can be done about this confusing photo?

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you need to find the editor of the guide and work with them to correct the guide. where there are multiple editors, i start by reaching out to the last person who updated the guide.


I see; I can’t contact anyone until I submit three observations. Guess I need to go out and find some critters to complete this side quest.


Although I encourage you to add observations it seems to be sufficient to just add IDs to 3 observations.
From the Help Guide:
“If you have contributed 3 research grade observations or 3 IDs, you can message them by going to their profile page and clicking the “Message” button.”


Looking for the username on the photo (same for photos 2, 3 and 4.), i.e. “madilyn…” and then at the observations for this user, none of these bat photos appear in the list…
So either these observations have been deleted already, but not from the guide (which could be a potential bug?) or there is some other possibility?

Looks like the photo came from Arkive, which has been offline since 2019, and not iNaturalist. You might be able to find some way to get in contact with them to suggest a correction.


You seem to be very knowledgeable! iNat always needs good identifiers (check out the “identify” section and specify whatever taxa you are interested identifying, and you can also filter to include both “needs ID” and “research grade” so that you can also correct or confirm IDs that have already been done), and I bet you have some great photos you could upload too.


And there are prolific and valued identifiers who have never uploaded an observation of their own.

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