Incorrect time shown on observation page

Automatically system calls morning observations as “Х утра”, but on observation page it shows in 24hour style as observations done at day:

hmmm… i don’t currently see an issue with this particular observation:

i tried to recreate the problem, but i couldn’t.

the only bugs i noticed were similar to those mentioned in Mismatch in Time representations between English and Korean - Bug Reports - iNaturalist Community Forum.

however, the first issue that i noted in that other thread (related to AM/PM switching) manifests differently when using the uploader in Russian. in Russian, i see a утра button in the time selector, and when i click it i see the output datetime change to вечера, but the button itself remains as утра rather than toggling. so you can’t toggle the output datetime back to утра using the button.

Yes, because I had to correct the time to match another time zone, this and other observations uploaded that time had time shown correctly after editing (only changing numbers and changing timezone).

do you have an observation that is uncorrected and still displays the issue? it’ll be helpful to see what the underlying observation datetime string is for such an observation.