Incorrectly shown time

It started with new time zone system, time that is recorded as 24-h system is shown as 12h-system in uploader, but without pm/am or morning/day/evening/night as it was before, so then when observations are uploaded some do show time correctly, but some don’t e.g.
So, it says 8a.m. in 24h-style.
But when I click edit it’s shown it’s 8p.m.
So, something is wrong here, this bug messes ability to filter observations for time observed and overall it changes time to incorrect one.


It seems to be showing up fine for me.

It was shot at 20:44, so it is shown incorrectly for you too.

You kind of made it sound as if 8:44 AM was the correct time.

I wrote some show time incorrectly, and linked this as an example, correct time “8 вечера” is only shown when I click edit, there’s no indication of утра/дня/вечера/ночи on observation page, only time, but it behaves as 8 a.m. and for others, as I see now, it’s shown as a.m.

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Oh ok, misunderstood what you meant. I though you meant that just the AM/PM wasn’t showing up, but instead when the time was converted to 12-hour time, the PM wasn’t included with it, causing the time to default to AM.

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I see AM too, @marina_gorbunova, so I can verify the error.

I understand if you don’t want to try these (to preserve the bug for staff to see), but you mentioned several observations having this issue. On one of the others, does selecting/deselecting something in the DQA (eg, selecting then deselecting “it’s as good as can be”) force it to re-index? Or does entering/exiting edit mode (as if you were going to manually correct the time, but not actually doing so) make a difference?

I tried it and no, it doesn’t change, and it’s hard to understand why some do show correct time, like this one while this one shows a.m.

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Were they all uploaded the same way (web vs phone, etc)?

Yes, these were uploaded via website.

whelp, I’m outta ideas. :woman_shrugging:

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It all started with change in timezone system, so roots of the problem are in there.
p.s. I try adding audio and when choosing today as a date it again chooses time incorrectly.

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@marina_gorbunova if you still have them, can you please email the the photos (with full metadata) that were used for and to so we can take a look?


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Seems to be related to your locale (Russian). If I upload the beetle photo to my account on our test server, the AM/PM is correct. If I switch my locale to Russian and upload the beetle photo to my account, it’s incorrect.

What happens if you change your account’s locale to English and upload those photos?

You mean the language setting or something more than that?

This setting:

Yes, that way it shows p.m. correctly on observation page.

Sorry, can you please clarify: you changed your account’s locale to English, then uploaded the photos again and it works? Or did you just change your account’s locale to English and look at the existing observations (eg and they appear OK now?

Only the first one, I uploaded test observation and it was showing p.m. time correctly, older ones still were showing a.m.

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