How to change time zone

I edited the time of an observation and the timezone somehow got set wrongly to GMT -1

How do i set it to GMT +8 ?

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What do your settings say?

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 3.16.30 PM

Observation time zones are now automatically set from the coordinates of your observation. Are the coordinates located in GMT+08:00?

What’s the URL of the observation?

The original time was GMT +8. I changed the hour and after saving, it became GMT + 1

The location I’m seeing for it matches the time zone, I believe:

So the automatic time zone is working, I think. The issue is that the observation’s location seems to be off by a lot. Maybe you accidentally changed it?

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Hi Tony,
I have fixed the location. How to fix the time zone ?

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Hmm, this might be a bug. Let me have our developers take a look.

@gancw1 can you please email that photo to, and make sure it has all of its metadata? We’d like to see if we can replicate this on our end. Please try and and include every edit you made on iNat so we can replicate as closely as possible.

Are any of your other observations affected by something similar?

Hmm, actually I think I can replicate it.

OK, here’s a bug report on GitHub:

@gancw1 what happens if you go to the observation’s edit page, don’t change anything, and save it again? Does the observation’s time zone get corrected?

Hi Tony,
I am traveling now and dont have access to the photo. Will send the photo next week.

The timezone doesnt get updated when insave again.

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