Indicate type of Taxon Framework Relationship on taxon page

With the increasing rollout of the Taxonomy Frameworks, and the push to use them, on the home page of the taxon pages on the taxonomy tab, on the Taxonomy Details section can we please add a visual indicator as to the status of the data.

For instance :

green coloured dot for has a Taxonomy Framework defined which is a match
yellow coloured dot has a Taxonomy Framework defined which is a deviation
red coloured dot for has no Taxonomy Framework relationship defined

I am vote-challenged at the moment, but would definitely find this helpful for curatorial work. If hovering on a dot also popped up a non-technical explanation of what it means, it could be of interest to non-curators too.


Not something I’d care to spend a vote on, but it’s one of many little things that would definitely help to improve taxonomic curation on iNat.

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@cmcheatle just to be clear, is this where you’d want the dot?

Or would you want it on the actual taxonomy details page, eg ?


Yes right there. To totally nitpick, symbology (checkmark, x etc) would be better than colors of the same shape. You need to throw us colour blind folks a few bones to help us out


Sounds like a good idea, I’ll see if it’s something we can do. If anyone has ideas for symbols, that’d be great.


How about

  • 0 = missing
  • = = match
  • = deviation
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Green check, yellow question mark, red x

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Our designer is out at the moment, but I’ll bring it up with him when he’s back.

@tiwane any updates on this particular topic?

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Yeah, seeing if there’s any buy-in with the team, and talked about preliminary designs.

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