Taxon Framework Relationship pages title is missing

Most iNat pages have a title that lets you quickly identify them. Taxon Framework Relationship pages just say “iNaturalist”. Please add some kind of descriptive title.


This seems like a standard thing that’s just accidentally missing, so I moved it from feature requests to bug reports.

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According to @loarie there wasn’t a title in the design here. Any preference for what you’d want to be displayed?

I don’t feel that strongly. It would be nice to be able to name the iNat taxon (like the title for a flag on a taxon), but with some not internal relationships, it gets sort of complicated. Maybe just “Taxon Framework Relationship XXXX”?

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I would be OK with “TFR Taxon name”. Curators who deal with these should quickly pick up on what TFR means – unless Taxon Framework Relationship is a translated string in iNat.

The question is where does the taxon name come from? If it’s iNat’s internal taxon name, then a relationship that is not internal doesn’t have a name. And if the relationship is one-to-many, which of the many iNat names do you use?

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Yeah, good point, ideally it would be the iNat taxon through which the TFR was opened. But when that is ambiguous (or access to the TFR was direct), I guess TFR number would be the only other option.