Inquiry from the State of NC on sensitive species in our project


We have just finish a great iNaturalist BioBlitz project-, and some one from NC Natural Heritage Program contacted me and inquired about sharing an obscured location with the state for the records. It is easy enough for me to do it for one observation. I can just inquire with the observer who I know, get the location and pass it on.

But it would be even better if I could A) sort the whole project for sensitive species so I can share the whole list of sensitive species with the state and B) unobscure the locations for NC Natural Heritage records.

Is any of this possible.

Thanks, Pete

I think it also depends on the terms (whether the user opts in to share coordinates with project admins).

Oops, that’s on traditional projects. No idea on how that figures in to collection projects.

For Nevada, I’ve set up two traditional projects for our At-Risk and Watch List species. It finds any observations on the list of species that I’ve created. iNatters can join the project and choose to share the true coordinates with us for any of their observations that meet the project criteria (i.e. all of the species on the list that were observed in Nevada.) That way they don’t have to share each individual observation with us. Unfortunately you can’t join a project as another project, only as an individual user, but for a handful of prolific observers it’s nice that they can share their many rare species observations easily with us.

I’m happy to show the NCNHP staff how to set up a project like this if they want to contact me.


PA Natural Heritage has a similar project:

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Thanks for the excellent tips people. I will look into this more and try to sort out a way forward.

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