Insects near New Orleans

I’m not sure whether something so geographically-specific is ok to post on the forum (apologies if not.) But could anyone recommend a good place to see insects and other small arthropods in the New Orleans area at this time of year? Anywhere with particular diversity? Thanks in advance. (And I’m interested in other forms of life, too, and would love to hear advice about other taxa; it’s just harder to Google for advice about where to see insects than where to see alligators. :)


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I don’t have an answer to your question. Your question is completely valid and okay to ask, though. Some people will be able to help with geographically specific things, so may as well ask.


You can use the search filters to see where others have been seeing things.

Explore → zoom to area → redo search in area → enter species/genus/family/class/etc → Filters → Date Observed Months, select months → update search results

As an example: here’re the results for Pillbug observations in October and November around New Orleans


I searched Insects (no specified diversity, so any type of Insect) in New Orleans on iNat and found two areas of heavy concentration within public areas: Couturie Forest and the New Orleans Botanical Garden. This does not mean those are the best or only areas to see insects, just that that is where the highest concentrations of Insect observations were logged recently within public areas. (I was not sure if you had access to other areas.)

You could repeat the same search with any type of creature or plant or what-have-you you wanted, but hopefully those two could get you started. I would be inclined to add additional areas near water.

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Hi @blimlimlim ! Welcome to the forum. One useful way to find the best spots is to ask the question, “Who has been taking most the observations of the group I’m interested in in the area I’m interested in?” In this case, by far the leading observer of insects in the area around New Orleans seems to be @royaltyler (
One can message other users using the “Messages” link on their profile, and ask what places they recommend.

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Hi blimlimlim, Not far south is the Jean Lafitte Barrataria Preserve, from the visitors center there is a good extensive boardwalk and trail system through swamp and marsh habitat. Just to the west is the Bonnet Carrè Spillway, it offers a mix of grassland, marsh, and swamp. A bit further afield to the north are places like Honey Island Swamp(accessed from I-59 take the first exit after crossing the Pearl River), its low river bottom habitat. Abitta Creek Flatwoods Preserve east of Abitta on LA 435, open pine savannah hosting a completely different set of stuff from the prior places. Each of the places offer different habitat on different stuff, if you make it to all four I don’t think you would be disappointed. Enjoy!


Welcome, @blimlimlim . Your username is a Curious George reference, isn’t it?

Thank you all for the replies! That is super helpful info. I love that you all gave me both the local intel and info about how to investigate on iNat myself. What a great community. And yes, the username is a Curious George reference. :) Definitely not the best example of how to responsibly interact with wildlife, but I promise I’m not a man in a yellow hat and I will take only pictures.

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