What are the most common butterflies in Baton Rouge Louisiana?

What are the most common butterflies that breed in Baton Rouge?

Of course there are monarchs, giant swallowtails, but what else?

Thank y’all so much :blush:

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These ones:


Thank you so much!

The important thing is that now you should know how to answer such a question for yourself: “What are the most common taxa in location?” can be answered by typing in the relevant taxon and location in the explore tab, and clicking on the species box to see number of observations.

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And once you’ve done that, such as typing in East Baton Rouge Parish, you can adjust the location manually by clicking “bounding box”, adjusting the size of the screen to include the area that you want (I went a bit larger to better capture the actual diversity of the region) and then click “redo search in map”.

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