Interesting things found in ecospheres

I have some ecospheres that i’ve found some things not seen in their source, like a hydra. other Inat users, what are some interesting things you’ve found?


Ecosphere meaning one of these?

Or like these homemade versions? -

I made a few of these last year. Lots of fun things showed up. Unfortunately, I accidentally cooked them before I could record the unexpected things. Pro tip: Don’t leave them where they will eventually get direct sun.


I’ve made a few of these over the past couple years, my first and oldest one being from March or April 2021. I’ve found copepods, ostracods, water mites, a hydra, tubifex worms, amphipods, and more! I currently have two of these right next to me on my windowsill. They’re a lot of fun and an easy way to spot biodiversity whenever you feel like it.

I do have at least one iNat observation of critters in my ecospheres:

I also documented a copepod releasing its young from two pouches on its side in the ecosphere (pretty low quality):

If you’re interested in how I made them or what else I’ve seen, just ask. It’s a lengthy explanation and I don’t feel prompted (I’m too lazy) to write it at the moment.

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there was some previous discussion here:

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It’s hilarious that the thread took place at the exact same time I made my first one (which was also YouTube inspired!). I guess the algorithm decided the earlier months of 2021 would be all about ecospheres (Jarrariums)

yes, I am talking about the jars. sorry for the confusion

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