Amazing Organisms New To You

I’m easily distracted, so as I’m trying to identify things on iNat and am looking for similar organisms that might have been observed from an area, I often learn about amazing, new (to me) things.

For example, while admiring water net observations (Hydrodictyon) and trying to get a feel for how many kinds might be seen in my area, I stumbled across this incredible species:

Hydridictyon africanum,

Later, while pondering observations of “unknowns”, I stumbled across the beetle genus Platerodrilus, which includes magnificent organisms such as this:

Just for fun… What amazing, astounding, cool, or just beautiful organisms have you discovered as a result of your activities on iNaturalist?


I found a lot of new species when I started iNatting, it’s the first resource to see both organism and where it was found easily, but more surprising for me are species found while creating “to see” lists:
Didn’t know we had skinks in the European part:
Beauties like

I love this topic!

I learned how absolutely amazing Black Soldier Flies are. They are absolute rock stars in terms of beneficial capabilities.

I also am obsessed with the traingularity of this moth.

And I adore everything about this flowering plant, from the architectural structure, to the delicate blossoms, to the common name which (re-spelled) would make a wonderful character name for an English murder mystery.


didn’t know leafhoppers existed and then enjoy finding this one:


The Iotaphora admirabilis moth is so cool! It’s going on my favorites list.

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I think of these colorful little guys as Kentucky’s answer to parrots. :)

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All of them! I could talk about my significant records (like this beetle story and this parasitic wasp), my educational encounters (wasp parasitizing bee nest and crazy variety of gall wasps), fuzzy caterpillars, beautiful critters, and goofy experiences.

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Cellophane bees were a big surprise for me. I always thought polyester was a strictly human invention but apparently, these bees beat us to it.


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