Interpolating Coordinates

This is a weird URL hack that’s existed for some time but we’ve never worked into the UI (mostly b/c it’s so niche and kind of hard to explain, but maybe we should), but if you have an obs that has no coordinates and you have other obs from the same day and all those obs from that day have times, appending ?interpolate_coordinates=true to the edit observation URL (the URL you’re at when you’re editing an obs, e.g. will fill in coordinates based on a time-weighted average of the nearest observations in time.


Brilliant! thanks

and you definitely should:) I’ve been trying all kinds of ways to do that myself. downloaded various apps but can’t find anything compatible with everything else, so this hack will be very useful and it would be great to be able to do it with already uploaded observations.


I do not think it is a niche but very convenient

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Agreed that this is very convenient and far from niche! Thanks for the post.


Is it already somewhere in the interface ?

No intention to implement this somewhere ?

@ahospers I don’t think anyone has proposed it as a feature request, but you could.

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