Invasion of the "Urechis caupo"! (Point Reyes, CA)

Incredible numbers of fat innkeeper worms (I won’t say the more descriptive name because it could block my post) have been stranded by the thousands on N. California beaches. Coverage from the BBC:

Surprisingly no iNaturalist observations yet from this event.


Here’s the original article in Bay Nature, which I helped edit (although not much, Ivan’s a great writer). It is a bit mystifying that no one’s iNatted it.


Interesting. Growing up in Inverness and spending a lot of time at Drakes Bay, both on Drakes Beach and Limantour Beach I used to see the burrows of these in the estuaries and mudflats, but never saw any sort of massive stranding like this.

Mainly we wold get enormous drifts of Velella velella (Sea Raft) at certain times of the year, and sometimes large numbers of moon jellyfish (Aurelia sp.) as well.


hopefully this forum is not so archaic so that human body parts such as “penis” are censored

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love Limantour!

I saw the articles and drove out to Drakes Beach on Thursday, and didn’t see any at all. Walked up and down the beach both directions, and even poked under the seaweed piles. Not sure if the location was wrong, or if they somehow got washed away again.


When I was little you still had to walk there. The road hadn’t been built yet (or at least nor fully). We would walk down from the ridge and back up.

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