Invasive/non native species in my area

I am reading “Bringing Nature Home” by Douglas W. Tallamy and I was wondering… Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to highlight introduced plants I have identified instead of going/clicking one by one. I am super happy to report that there is a checkmark for that in the filter. Super useful and thanks for adding that feature, it works on plants and everything else. That feature may have been added a long time ago, but it’s the sort of thing I may not notice until I have a need for it. So thanks again!


Thanks for the notice and feedback! Glad the feature is proving useful for you. I’ve been here going on 6 years now, and am still discovering (and sometime re-discovering) nifty little features that had escaped my notice.


@jfamiot How do I use this filter? I am really interested in seeing what the non-natives are in my area, and wanted to use to filter, but I couldn’t find it. Thank you!


Is this what you’re looking for:

Under the Explore tab, check “Introduced” and change the place name to your area.


There are so many little bits like this in iNat, including a lot that don’t seem to be documented that it’s both cool and frustrating.

It would be great if a comprehensive guide to all the things you can do in iNat was compiled (and written in straightforward non-technical language).


Anyone can write a tutorial here on the forum: Not exactly what you’re asking for, but it can be built up to be a pretty good resource.

Yes, it is! Thank you! :)

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