iOS observation photo selection radio buttons hard to select

Platform ios

Description of problem Radio buttons below photos in observation editing page are quite difficult to tap. I often tap the photo instead.

Step 1: Edit an observation with multiple photos.

Step 2: Tap the radio buttons underneath the photos. The ‘hit box’ is quite small.


That’s not a bug report, it just sounds like you want the buttons to be larger. That’s a #feature-requests

I disagree. Unless it was an intentional tradeoff against some other feature, a small usability problem sounds like a bug to me. I specifically didn’t say I wanted the buttons bigger because the problem fix is a design problem the developers would have to work on. It might look like something other than larger buttons.

Here on the forum at least, bugs are defined as “something is not working the way it is intended to”. I’m not sure if this fits that definition, but I suppose it’s possible the tappable area is smalelr or offset from its design. That being said, I’m not seeing anything particularly off. Yes, the area is small and one can easily accidetnally tap on the image itself, but I don’t think that’s an error.

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This same issue was also brought up in another recent thread. As I mentioned there, the buttons to re-order photos used to be a lot easier to hit, which makes me think it’s a bug of some kind.

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS

App version number: latest, updated 2022-07-26

Description of problem

Step 1: Create a new observation

Step 2: add multiple photos

Step 3: attempt to click on the little radiobutton to make a photo be the first photo

It is incredibly hard to click on the radio button. Almost always the photo is clicked and then magnified, instead of clicking the radio button. There should be either a different UI for reordering photos or the radio button ought to be far larger.

Issue experienced with both iphone 8 and iphone SE.

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I’ve also been having this problem, with an iPhone 7 and (I think) the latest updates for both the iOS and the iNat app. I’m not sure which update changed it, but it used to be a lot easier to press the little dots to re-order photos without accidentally magnifying the photo.

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We share this concern. One lengthy workaround is to cancel the observation and reinitiate it with the photos in your preferred order. In ios, we have found that the order photos appear in an observation is the order in which we select the photos. If you have taken the photos in real time for the observation, you might still find them in your photos app and can select them in the preferred order for the observation.

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Same here, iphone 6s. The picture will magnify if you tap in the white space close to the bottom border of it. It just feels like luck if you get the radio button or not. You can even tap below the radio button and the pic will still come up. Not a huge deal for me, but I do avoid that feature of the ios app in favor of just doing it in the browser.

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This happens to me too. I’ve found that if I look at my screen from the side ( 45 degree angle) it’s much easier to see and hit that tiny sweet spot on the radio button. Works almost every time!

I was able to replicate this – it does seem like the selectable areas for the radio buttons vs. the photo thumbnails are incorrect.

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Made an issue here:

Talking with Alex, we’re using a tappable area that is too small here (smaller than Apple’s newer guidelines) so we need bring it up to the current recommended size. We’ll double check that the bounding box is correct as well.


This has been fixed in version 3.2.2, which was just released. Working pretty well when I tap the radio buttons.