Is it possible to access info in the data fields when using the search function?

If I want to search for all the observations of, say, leafminers or sawfly larvae on a given host plant, I can easily do this in cases where observers have entered the host plant information in the notes field, but I can’t figure out how to do a search that will make use of the Host Plant ID field. Am I missing something?

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Click on the observation field.

Unfortunately, this is a bit clunky. In order to navigate to a specific species, you either need to navigate from an observation with the species of interest in the field, or you need to know the numeric code representing the species of interest and input it directly into the URL. Additionally, navigating by a higher taxon in an observation field will not include all the observations where a lower taxon is included (i.e., you can only search for exact values).

A short guide:

Some examples with Host Plant ID field:

So, it is enough to add to the query (? or &) a variable like “field:Host%20Plant%20ID=[name of the plant]” (%20 code = space).

P.S. Unfortunately, in the graphical interface of the search filters there is no option for the observation fields (or I don’t know something, maybe). Perhaps this could be a good feature request (if no one has posted about it yet).

Thanks, I’ll give that a try!

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