Is it possible to filter using licence settings used on "observation" (not by photo)

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Does anyone know if its possible for me to search an area by licences used on the Observation, eg CC0?
I know its possible to search an area filtering by photo licence, but wondering if i can do something similar but for observation licence rather than photo licence.

I have also wanted this for a long time. I’m not the most active identifier, but when I do ID stuff I only want to see observations which are licensed such that they could make it on to GBIF etc.

I would also like to be able to do this. My preference would be to identify only observations where the observer has chosen an observation license that means they can be used for scientific analysis, for example by being shared with GBIF.

I suspect that most people who choose more restrictive observation licenses don’t really understand what they are doing (for example, thinking it applies to photos or sounds), and if they were more likely to get an ID with a CC0 or CC-BY observation license, this would provide an added incentive to choose those licenses.


You could just add e.g. &license=CC-BY-NC-SA to the URL of your search (change licence to whatever you want).


Thanks Cleeb, I didn’t know about that. Is there a way to specify multiple licenses? I’d ideally like to filter for CC0 or CC-BY or CC-BY-NC.

I haven’t tried it but for most of the Explore and Identify filters you can make a list of options, like &license=CC0,CC-BY,CC-BY-NC and it will work. It works for taxa and place filters for example, so worth a shot.

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This is it!!
Great, thanks so much, this is so helpful. Nice one!