Is "The Bryophyte Nomenclator" a good source for Bryophyta taxonomy?

I was reviewing some moss taxa and wondered if there was any taxonomic authorities for Bryophytes in the curator guide. There is not, and while searching infos, I was wondering if this site : could be used as such, or if it’s taxonomy is clearely outdated ?
Is there any bryologists that can provide some clues about the level of confidence we could give to this site ?

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Best I was able to find in a bit of browsing around Wikipedia was . I’m not enough of a Bryophyte expert to say whether there is another source like that, or whether it is flora by flora and monograph by monograph.

Nomenclature of bryophytes was not fully covered by any taxonomic databases for decades. For instance, Catalogue of Life used a damp of TROPICOS data (MOST database) produced in 2004 (!) as the best available option. Fortunately, in late 2022 editors of Catalogue of Life changed a data supplier for both mosses and liverworths. They selected The Bryophyte Nomenclator which was unknown to me. That’s clearly a huge step forward, since it covers all families worldwide.

As soon as it happened we automatically checked and linked all bryophyte names in our digital herbarium ( using CoL api. There were only one ot two occasional omissions of infrataxa. Step by step they are indexing molecular revisions and implementing new names and combinations in the global perspective.

So, it’s really the best option for bryophytes at the moment. I think, that iNat should use their nomenclature as a taxonomic backbone for hornworts, mosses and liverworts.


That’s awsome ! So now what we need is the time to review the tree of Anthocerotophytes, Marchantiophytes and Byophytes and to make the changes so iNat follows The Bryophyte Nomenclator.

For what it’s worth, one of the things I’ve been doing recently is reformatting and attributing a spreadsheet with the Flora of North America’s moss taxonomy, including linking the names to Tropicos records (if I can). I’m not too sure if the FNA folks would want me spreading that data around, but I could ask if it’d be helpful.

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