Is the 'heavy load' message an iNaturalist problem, or an ISP problem?

I just got this error while trying to check my notifications. It is the second time today I have seen it - last time I was trying to open an observation. Also twice I have got a page saying “iNaturalist is down”, although just on a white page, not the whale shark or the other critter you get when a page can’t be found.

Any ideas?


What ISP are you on? I’ve had this happen to me 10+ times now today as well (not via the notification button, but on a random assortment of pages on iNat), on Telstra

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Our ISP is Skymesh, through the Skymuster satellite.

I saw this a couple of times yesterday as well while trying to pull up observations from the Identify mode. Not sure about ISP - it was on my office computer (yes, working those Sunday hours and procrastinating by doing IDs on iNat…).


I saw it last night during the Super Bowl and figured it was just heavy traffic from that. But then a bout of insomnia had me up at 3 am this morning and received it again.


Sound like it isn’t an ISP or SkyMuster satellite problem, then!

I forgot to mention, I wasn’t using an ISP either time, but my cell phone data.

Just happened to me now. Thought it was weird that there was heavy traffic at 8:15 on a Monday morning–even with global traffic to the site. H-m-m-m.

I’ve been seeing this a few times the last day or so also.

17:42 GMT yesterday :

01:46 GMT this morning :


iNaturalist has had some brief periods of heavy load over the last day from web crawler activity. We’re looking into ways to minimize the disruption.


I should say disruption for me has been extremely minimal anyhow ( reloading the page has fixed it )

I got a few of these about 2 nights ago, as well. It was only when trying to load certain things and it was infrequent, so I assumed the issue subsided.

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