Is there a Compare button included with iOS app?

I just discovered the “Compare” button in the iNaturalist app for Android. I have never seen this button in the iPhone app. Is it included in the iOS version? It’s a very handy feature that I would love to be able to use on my iPhone, but I can’t locate it. Can someone help me with this?

I cannot find a Compare button either. The iOS app seems to be the stepchild of the INaturalist facilities. I was so surprised when a neighbor asked me a question about how to use her Android app; it had so many more pages and screens than the iOS version… and I assume mor options.

But, I find the iOS app to be handy for the initial upload; especially, if I’m out for a walk. Later, I usually go to the website app as it does have a lot of useful, interesting features.

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No, it’s not available for iOS at the moment. The iOS app was based on outdated code (as it was created before the Android app) and that underlying had to be rewritten piece by piece while still making sure the app functioned, which took a long time. During that time we didn’t add new functionality. As of version 3.0 that work has been done and we’re now working on bringing it towards parity with the Android app.

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You can use the Compare feature on the iPhone, just not within the app. You can use the iPhone’s browser to access the iNaturalist website. The font is small, but it can be zoomed in. I use it all the time. Though the staff advises the website is not optimized for use on an iPhone and to try use a computer, if possible.

Thanks everyone. This is very helpful. I am new to this forum and love it already!

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