Is there a list of threatened and endangered animals?

Is there a list of threatened and endangered animals? The reason I want one is because I care and I want a list so I can make a few projects to help them.

Thank you for giving me some great lists. If you have more then just add them. No need to look some up as I got a few great ones. Thank you :smiley:.

The IUCN Red List is what iNat uses to determine vulnerability status.


Are you looking for information in a specific country or geographic area ?

There are many such lists that are specific to locations.


I would suggest learning what conservation projects are already present in your area, and contributing to them as best you can. Help the experts who already have long-term proven efforts going, rather than trying to invent your own.
One thing you can do, if you have anything like a yard, is make your yard friendly to pollinators and native invertebrates. People don’t tend to think of bugs as endangered, but we’re in an insect population crisis, due to overuse of pesticides and loss of habitat. Avoid using insect-killing pesticides outdoors, and put together a place for them to live. A patch of native wildflowers is a great thing to have, if you can manage it. Monarch populations are on the rise thanks in part to milkweed patches planted across the country, including backyard patches. Providing habitat and food for native insects is a relatively easy, tangible thing you can do, if you have a space in which to do it.


There are a bunch of them, but as @zdanko mentioned, the IUCN Red List is the most widely used one.

That said, my experiences working with the Red List and trying to get species descriptions and classifications updated shows pretty clearly that the Red List is riddled with outdated information.

The Red List is also quite deficient when it comes to plants, gastropods, arthropods, and marine life in general. This is largely due to the difficulties in collecting data at the accuracy level needed to properly evaluate the species, to a lack of people researching certain species in certain areas, and a lack of people doing the necessary species evaluations even in the case the data exists.

Despite my criticisms of it, it’s still the best that’s out there, but for any particular species make sure to check the dates for the last time it was updated, and check with individuals who are working with species in question for the most up-to-date information.


It depends what you want on the list. The IUCN Red List is best for a broad-based list of endangerment based on conservation status (i.e. risk of extinction). Legal protection is completely separate. Species federally listed as endangered in the U.S. can be found at, but of course many that are actually endangered are not listed. Other countries have their own protected species, and species protected from international trade by CITES are at


I’m looking for stuff where I live.

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First and foremost, where’s that?

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Which is where? Almost all your observations are private which means no information at all about location is shown to other users (I’d suggest doing obscured not private and you will get a much higher rate of identifications without revealing the exact location).

The only 2 non private ones suggest either Ontario or Quebec in the Ottawa area perhaps?

I thought private means scientist can see it. Sorry. Changing it.

The official Ontario endangered list is here

An unofficial list is also maintained here

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Thank you!

Private means no one(1) gets any information at all about the location of a record. The map and text are blank for all users other than yourself.

Obscured means other users are shown a random location within a roughly 22×22 km box around the real location and a ‘scrubbed’ description, typically the county name.

technically there are 3 exceptions.

  • site employees with direct access to the database can of course see the real location as it is still stored, but that is less than a dozen people
  • there is an old type of project where the project admin can see it, but only if you explicitly grant permission to them
  • users who you set up as trusted friends can see it

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