Is there a paper to cite when writing about the iNaturalist CV model?

Has the iNaturalist computer vision model or the iNaturalist environment as a whole ever been described in a scientific publication?
As of now, I have not found any reference and I just want to make sure I am not missing something.

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I get these from googling (so not sure if they are the absolute best), but seem reasonable places to start:


Thanks! I did not mean to cite observations since I am writing about the tool, not the data set. I think I’ve come accross “An Overview of Computer Vision in iNaturalist” somewhen. It is only a conference presentation abstract, but, apparently, the best we have(?)

Hi! I recently wrote about the iNaturalist Computer Vision model for part of a class assignment, and I can give you the resources I used for that.

A paper involving the computer vision model:
Reeb, R. A., Aziz, N., Lapp, S. M., Kitzes, J., Heberling, J. M., & Kuebbing, S. E. (2022). Using convolutional neural networks to efficiently extract immense phenological data from Community Science Images. Frontiers in Plant Science, 12.

Some of the official blog posts, one from when the CV model was first introduced:
and a more recent updates one (but there are several other update ones discussing the model as it’s been updated over the years, which you may be able to get some useful information from):

I also ended up citing the GBIF dataset of all Research Grade iNaturalist observations that have been incorporated there, because I couldn’t find a better way to source it when I was talking about how these observations contribute to the GBIF database.


I’d be also happy to read a paper on the iNat model but I believe there is none as of now.

Alex shared details on 2021 training here:


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