Is there a proper name for snail feeding trails?

As per the title really. Is there a known term for the trails they leave on surfaces by scraping it with their radula? I thought it might be radulations but the definition of that seems to be ‘manipulate with a radula’ which doesn’t quite fit.

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I don’t know of a single word for this. Looking through Google Scholar suggests that scientists use radula tracks, feeding tracks, and/or radular feeding tracks depending on the context.


Also radular [rasping] marks. And if fossil (although not readily attributable to snails), Radulichnus.


Radulinchnus fossils have sent me down a rabbit hole. Some people seem to use the term in a modern context too.

Not shocking in itself, however I can’t fathom the nightmare of maintaining parallel taxonomies on iNat, for organisms and for their tracks&scats :sweat_smile: If the ‘owner’ of the poop/trace is reasonably known, just use their name.

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