Question about snails of the genus Oxychilus


can you tell me if, in France, all Oxychilus are detritus feeders?

Well, draparnaudi is a predator, see here. Others may very well be, too, but I’m not sure. You should PM Berhhard, or other snail people.

OK. do you know if a group of people (related to snails) has been created on Inaturalist (it will allow me to ask the question directly to several people)?

There’s Snails of Europe but I can’t see where you can ask questions in there. You may be better off just asking specific people.

If the issue is - you want to keep some Oxychiluses as pets and want to know if they’ll survive on a diet of rotting stuff/veggies, then the answer is probably ‘yes’, I don’t think any of them are pure carnivores (apparently even cat food would do, somehow?) though they may or may not bother other snails in the same enclosure.

You can’t exactly make groups of people, although I would be in support of a mollusk forum. But you’d probably need to host it somewhere else, and it would be hard to get everyone in it. Maybe adding a journal post and mentioning people would be easier.

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