Is there a way to generate the "Year in Review" view for *all* observations, not just for one year?

The Year in Review is a useful way of looking at your activity, but as far as I can tell you can only display one year at a time with it.

Is it possible to display a range of years rather than just one year?


I don’t know of a way to do this for a chosen date range, but I agree that this would be a cool option to see your lifetime activity or some arbitrary range of years. Might not be too hard to implement?

Let’s see how the discussion goes… if there isn’t already a way to do it then it can be a feature request.

Year in Review covers one year at a time without an option to combine multiple years. User profile pages are where I’d foresee all-time user stat graphics displayed and those are one of the older parts of the website/due for a redesign. Or you can add your ideas to the Explore page brainstorming topic, since similar multi-year visualizations would be cool to see for more than just individual users (places, groups of users, taxa, etc.) As far as YIR itself, the staff tend to add features and fix bugs only in November and December.

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