Stats you'd enjoy seeing in inat year in review?

I really like the year in review feature! it’s super fun to look through how much I’ve seen and logged this year. there’s a few things I wish were included, though. (this is more of a conversation topic than a concrete request, so I chose not to put it in feature requests.)

  • I would love to see a clear number showing how many new-to-me species I’d logged over the past year.
  • it might be fun to see what species I observed most this year, or the least-observed species (overall across the site) I logged.
  • in general, I wish it were easier to compare stats across multiple years, too.

any other thoughts? any issues with these ideas?


I wish the same charts that are available on collection projects were available for any search you made. Or at least for a search for your own observations. I also wish the year in review was generatable from a tab or menu and did not require memorizing or storing the location of that url by bookmarking it.

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  • Number and percent of species-IDs vs. non species-IDs

  • Number and percent of leading species IDs among obs. which were “needs ID”


I wish the YIR could be generated for any time period, not just calendar years.


I’d like to see this


Agreed on all points. I’d love to have stats for those things too.

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I sense that these ideas while great would put a lot of pressure on the servers (particularly the new to you this year feature). If you want to know now, you can do a data download of your observations and analyze the results yourself. For some features you may need to do a bit of Excel or LibreOffice code.


Instead of number of ‘species’ I’d like to see an option to calculate number of minimum rank taxa. I’ve seen 12 described varieties of Eriogonum umbellatum–iNat counts this as 1.


Not quite what you’re asking, but I just realised the calendar function shows a count of the number of life list firsts on each day (no option for month or year though as far as I can see).
Don’t think I’d noticed this feature before.

Are there stats in year in review or anywhere for number of species identified? Another could be number of leadership boards users are either top 10, 5, or #1 for. (With the caveat that Top Identifier stats would benefit by incorporating factors like number or percent of leading IDs.) I also agree it would be ideal at some future time to calculate year in review like stats for all time, and to show more stats in general on the stats section of profiles.

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