Is there a way to search for photoless observations with my ID?

I identified something in a photo and then the photo disappeared:
Now I feel like searching for other IDs I’ve made where the photo(s) have since disappeared. Is there a URL for that? should work


Thanks, bouteloua–I found three more. I withdrew my IDs on all, since they were based on the photos. I hope that was the right thing to do.

Very helpful, thanks! I’ve bookmarked an equivalent URL for my own IDs. Found two so far where the photos had been removed subsequent to my IDs. Not comfortable with that.


Me neither. @karoopixie suggested getting notifications of additions and subtractions of photos in this thread:

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Curious, I see that a very small number of my own photos have disappeared over time. I certainly didn’t intentionally remove them. I noticed one of these a while back but didn’t know how to look for others. I wonder what happened?

that’s disturbing–I was thinking the observer had removed the photos on the others–we really do need notifications if our own photos disappear without our knowledge

Considering no one else ever identified it I wonder if it ever had a photo?

I had an ID on an observation that I know had a photo – the description even contained a link to the photo on the observer’s personal webpage. When I asked the observer, he didn’t know how the photo disappeared.

for a while, my photos seemed to be randomly disappearing. but i finally figured out that i was inadvertently deleting them from the observation. from the website, if you take an observation into edit mode, there’s a section on the right of the edit page that shows all the photos that you have associated with the observation. the heading of that section is “Select One or More Photos”. by default all the photos are selected. every once in a while, i would accidentally click on one of the photos. or there were times i would purposely deselect some of the photos, thinking that if i also checked the “sync obs. w/ photo metadata” box below that, that that would cause some sort of action. it always seemed like nothing would actually happen if i deselected the photos, but i finally figured out that deselecting the photos and saving would cause the deselected photos to be removed from the observation. since i figured that out, i haven’t lost any photos (that i’m aware of).

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@pisum: I’m familiar with that UI, and I think it’s remotely possible that I did that. But I have five or six observations with this problem, and it seems extremely unlikely that I did this a bunch of times without noticing. Not impossible though.

I looked through my other observations with no photos and none of them have corroborating IDs. So that seems to be a clue that they either never had photos, or lost their photos very quickly after creation. I always start observations with photos, so I don’t think they could have never had photos. But I suppose I could have accidentally deselected the photos before saving as @jwidness suggested. Still seems fishy to me, but they are all quite old, so if it was a bug then perhaps the bug has since been fixed. I’ll go in manually and restore the photos soon.

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