Media missing from my observation

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Step 2: photo not showing on web or on Android.

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There was a photo.


Weird, trying to go directly to the image using the ID bring us to this broken image of another person

Photos and observations don’t share the same ID number, so that aspect isn’t a bug.


looking at a local copy of the AWS open data metadata files that i happen to have from mid-April, i can see that there was a photo attached to the observation at that time. the photo page URL would have been, and the URL to the “original” version of the photo is

although the photo page record is missing now, the photo itself exists. judging by the last update date of the observation, i’m guessing the change that led to this situation occurred in early August. others have reported missing photos in the past, but i’ve never seen that happen on one of my own observations. the closest thing that i’ve come across when i was a relatively new user, when i was editing one of my observations in the website, i didn’t realize that unchecking a photo in the edit page would unlink the photo from the observation. i suspect there may be others who have unchecked photos, not understanding what it would do, and ended up with photos seemingly being dropped from observations mysteriously. that’s not necessarily what happened here, but i think it’s something that others should know.

Have no idea what happened, but the link to the original photo looks right so I downloaded it to my phone and uploaded it back into that same iNaturalist observation.

Good enough for now - thanks.

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