Is there a way to see all the places I've created? and can I transfer ownership of places?


I’d like to be able to get a list of all the places I’ve created just to make sure that they all still need to be out there. Does anyone know of an easy way to do that?

And is there a way to transfer ownership of places?

While I’m asking questions, is there an easy way to look for other places that overlap my place?

As part of my cleanup, I’d probably make sure that fewer of my places don’t have checklists enabled. (I didn’t realize until recently what exactly that meant, and I don’t need those in most cases.)



I have the same problems, I created a number of places but I don’t remember the exact text string I used so I can’t find them anymore, is the creator id saved together with the place somewhere on iNat db?



Seen that this thread is created, can I expand it to -

Can I share my places?

For instance: We have a list of all popular diving sites in southern Africa. GPS does not work under water, and some sites are “secret” or commercially sensitive, so a standardized list makes sense. How can I share this list of a few hundred sites with other southern African divers?

The list is here:
All we need is a way to make these standard places.