Creating places appropriate?

Are there any guidelines for when it is appropriate / allowed to create places? I would like to subscribe to findings from a few natural areas near me, but as far as I can tell the existing ‘interesting places’ created on the map are mostly larger nature reserves and other official areas. Therefore I wonder when it is ok to create a place? Is it only meant for larger projects or is it ok to create a place just to be able to subscribe to findings for a small interesting site?

I did already create relatively small places (like small protected sites ex.: on iNaturalist. This was not “just” for me but for our small community. So I think it is completely ok if you create such places, if they do not already exist.
At least I hope its ok :grinning:

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It’s definitely ok to create new Places where they don’t already exist. We had some problems early on with people creating multiple copies of gigantic places (whole continents) and it creates a lot of extra load on the servers. You currently need a minimum number of RG observations but I can’t find the blog post with the actual number.

If you have any problems while creating the place (page doesn’t load or error message) please check to see if the place was created before trying again. I’m pretty sure this is how we end up with many of the duplicates.

Found it here:

Thanks. I have already gone ahead and created a few places for small protected sites. No problems so far :smiley:

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