Is there a way to view out-of-range observations of species?

See title. At least once, I have seen someone (a curator, maybe?) link to an atlas for a species of mustelid, with the ability to view all observations outside of its checklist range. Is there a way to view only observations like that, which fall outside of the checklist range? It could be useful for marking vagrants, if the ID is correct, or, if it’s incorrect, to correct IDs/mark captive observations.

Do you mean in Explore? I don’t think that’s possible. But you can see all species within any given group that have observations outside their atlas. For example, here are all the mollusk species:[is_active]=&filters[is_marked]=True&filters[taxon_id]=47115&filters[taxon_name]=Mollusca&page=1&utf8=✓

You can then open the observations of individual species. Not that for some of these, the species show up because the observations are offshore marine species that fall outside of standard places.


Thanks a ton! I already spotted an out-of-range Yucatan black howler!

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