Observations with no "proof"

I know we can technically make observations without providing images or audio, even though they’ll never reach research grade. What’s the consensus on doing this, though? Does the community frown upon it? I was thinking of adding some like this just for my own record-keeping and maybe as a reminder to try to spot those species and take pictures if I can, but I don’t want to annoy people with useless observations. :P Thanks!


This is completely fine! These observations are automatically marked “Casual,” so they won’t impact range maps or abundance counts. I do this for any species that I have been looking for and see, but can’t photograph. Doesn’t happen often, but I have a few.

I would refrain from adding these observations as reminders to yourself, though. You can use a personal checklist for that.


It’s allowed, so it’s fine. If you’re reporting something well out of range or something difficult to ID, than you might want to include a comment explaining it. Some of us do check on the Casual stuff occasionally and may disagree if you have something odd like that.


Thank you!

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