Is there a way to view taxonomy changes on iNaturalist for a specific taxon page?

I’m thinking of something along the lines of how anyone can look at the edit history of a page on wikipedia, and see all the edits, overturned or still standing, who made them, and whatever discussion or justifications went into that.

I feel like this probably already exists & I just don’t know about where to find it.

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This only exists for actual pages, not taxa; maybe this should be moved to #feature-requests.

Edit: I thought you meant common name changes, pictures, etc. For actual taxon changes see @bouteloua’s response.

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On the taxon page, click the Taxonomy tab, then Taxon Changes:

You can also go straight to and type in the taxon of interest on the left side of the page, e.g. all taxon changes in the genus Sambucus.


Ok to update I have found this:

where I can click view flags & though it was easy to overlook, click through to see the discussion.

but I am unaware if that is all flags or what. Perhaps it is, and if so it is a large part of what I was looking for. Though having records showing in threaded format for larger taxonomic groups, showing changes themselves in detail, would be nice if it exists somewhere else.

If anyone is wondering what I’m doing, I’m trying to understand if E. crenata really is THE ONLY amber jelly fungus currently described in North America, and E. recisa is restricted to Europe, or what. Most resources I usually use are undecided or understandably behind on it, so the next step is to look at the sources curators use like index fungorium (I think?) but from the discussion found here, unless there’s been more Exidia research, it probably is just unknown and I will feel justified sticking with E. crenata for north america for now

oh didn’t see this before posting my 2nd post on this thread

thank you!! I will look for that

Edit: it works very nicely! I enjoy browsing just putting in Fungi as the “ancestor taxon” to explore all the taxon changes of particular interest to me. And then clicking through on specific changes can show the citation, so anyone can learn what citations are considered for these things

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thanks - I see her reply now and yes it is what I was looking for, the taxonomy changes themselves and the related discussions. Edits or additions of common names, setting default photos could be interesting though.

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