Taxon page: "notice of taxon change" banner no longer displays on inactive taxa

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome



Description of problem:
There used to be a banner at the top of the page of inactive taxa that were inactivated due to a taxon change. It had a link to the new/output taxa and a link to the taxon change.

(I also tried to see if it was still present on gorilla but that site now says:

Same for pending / draft taxon changes. The banner no longer appears at the top.

I don’t see a link to the new taxon, but clicking any ! symbol next to “inactive” does go to the taxon change. In the case you noted both the genus Caesalpinia and each of its species have the ! symbol. The ! surrounded by blue on the top line (for each level) as well as the large red ! Inactive Taxon for the specific taxon all go to the change.

Haven’t looked at the pending though.

Looks like it’s back!