Is Triadica sebifera (Chinese tallow) invasive in Texas?

I’m from Montgomery County in southeast Texas, and I’m wondering whether or not I should remove the young trees/seedlings when I see them in the wild (they are extremely common here). I know they’re introduced, but I’m not sure if they’re under an invasive status.

Extra question for those who may know – is there a specific site I can view to check whether or not a certain species of plant/animal/whatever is listed as an invasive species by the state? I know what is and isn’t introduced, but I want to specifically know what species I should remove as I see them to help out my local environment.

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Chinese Tallow is invasive in Texas.

It’s hard to get a truly comprehensive list of invasive species for any state, but check out Texas Noxious Weeds for a list of the species the state considers most threatening.


This is helpful, thank you!



I also live in southeast Texas. Be on the look out for Japanese climbing fern.


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