Charting visitors to Chinese Tallow and plant phenology in the US

Friends, Romans, Countrypeople (especially those north of I20 and south of I66!)-

Several of us (of the group, both @Rdiaz and I are on inat) are participating in a larger project to track the phenology and pollinators associated with Chinese Tallow across the United States. While you’re out and about in the next few weeks, would you be willing to take some photos of tallow trees (and any visitors you may see) that you may run across and post them here on iNaturalist? You don’t have to post them directly to the project, as long as your settings allow use in a project they should be automatically added.

Please let me know if you have any questions- you’re always welcome to DM me.


Thanks @liquidanbar ! This is going to be super useful!

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