Issue with autoidentifier

I’m trying to upload some photos of roadside trees in New York and I keep getting identifications of species not normally seen around here, even on species the identifier usually got immediately in the past (such as Eastern White Pines). Most stuff looks to be Old World species that have been reported in the New World?


I wonder if the algorithm was updated recently. I haven’t noticed this change yet.

Can you provide a few specific examples?

When I put in a photo of a Eastern White Pine it gave Chinese Arborvitae as the top answer and a bunch of unrelated trees as the follow up answers, which is unusual because it usually got White Pine immediately. It looks like it was fixed after I posted anyway, since today it’s giving the correct answer.

sometimes i wonder if there are multiple versions of system code (purposely or accidentally) out there deployed at the same time. (here’s a note i made about something like that:

Sorry, when I said “specific examples” I meant “please provide links to observations that are exhibiting the problem.”