Issue with disagree on ID not working correctly

On this observation:

a user reported an ID. A different user disagreed, which would normally send the ID back to the highest level common taxa (in this case “dicots”). This didn’t show up on the observation, but apparently did get registered somewhere. The original ID remained in place for the observation.

I meant to disagree with both suggested IDs, but my disagreement was registered as with “dicots” when I actually meant to disagre with the original ID (which is still shown).

I think this is confusing, but if you go to the observation page, it will make sense.

Not sure why this happened, and it is the first time I’ve come across it.


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In that observation, the user has opted out of community ID. You may only confirm his initial ID, which will send it to “Research Grade”. Any disagreeing ID has absolutely no effect on what is displayed at the top of the page. The Community ID, displayed to the right, is now properly Plants, as per your disagreeing ID.

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I think it’s confusing, too. Maybe if your ID was to Dicots, it would have said something different (assuming you agree it is a Dicot)?

thanks, I didn’t notice the “opt out of Community ID” choice. I think I understand now.