It's a (camera) trap!

Some great ideas on where to position your camera trap, and also where to avoid camping!

Naturslist-cred to the person who can identify every species in order of appearance. :joy:


I’ve thought about setting up a trail camera in the nearby national forest to try to see wild cats, but I’m not sure how to find a spot that is both accessible and unlikely to be near anyone (I don’t want to accidentally spy on someone or have them steal a camera!).

It might not even be legal - anyone else done this on public land?


i put one up in a park and i just emailed asking permission. you definitely need protection though. i have a case and lock. if theres anyone you can ask like rangers or something, you should try that. also make it clear that youre doing it to observe, not to hunt, because that could really change the tone.

  1. Racoon
  2. Wood duck
  3. American black bear
  4. Great Blue heron
  5. Eastern Chipmunk
  6. North American Porcupine
  7. Belted Kingfisher
  8. Ruffed Grouse?
  9. Muskrat (Gerald?
  10. Bobcat
  11. Coyote
  12. American Crow
  13. Wood Duck
  14. American Black Bear - that one almost fell in to the water
  15. White-tailed Deer
  16. Eastern Gray Squirrel
  17. Bobcat
  18. American Black bear
  19. Frog sp.
  20. Mallard
  21. Muskrat?
  22. Racoon
  23. Rushing water
  24. Coyote?
  25. Common Sanpiper???
  26. Bobcat
  27. White-tailed Deer
  28. Wood duck
  29. American Black Bear
  30. Belted Kingfisher
  31. Bobcat
  32. Blue Jay
  33. Racoon
  34. Great Blue Heron
  35. Coyote
  36. Wild Turkey
  37. Black Bear
  38. Homo sapiens

20 species in all ;)


Wow! That’s good! Thumbs up!


Thanks! I’m not sure about all of them, so correct me if I was wrong on any.


21 Beaver, I think (there’s an earlier video showing a beaver doing the same thing)
25 A pair of Spotted Sandpipers, Actitis macularius.
36 A Great Horned Owl attacking a Wild Turkey!


Yeah, I wasn’t sure between that and muskrat.

oops! I someow thought of the European counterpart.

Not sure how I missed the owl :-)

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I recently got a trail cam. I set it up facing a well worn animal trail going through my yard. I have also set it up at a nearby nature preserve (with permission) facing a spot on the lake shore with evidence of animals coming in and out of the water. I got a cable lock to secure the cam to the tree and a small pad lock to keep anyone from turning it off or stealing my SD card.


“An Almost Comically Diverse Parade of Wildlife Crosses a Log Bridge in Pennsylvania” I love the understatement! It is really a wonderful collage.


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