Photographing bobcats

Has anyone successfully photographed bobcats in the wild?

I’ve captured dozens of observations on trail cameras and established some (so-so) patterns of travel, but I’ve yet to catch a glimpse of one from my photo blind.

I’ve tried:

  • Setting the blind up the day before and the day of
  • Setting the blind up downwind
  • Arriving before the crepuscular hours
  • Arriving in camo
  • Using scent wafers to mask my scent

Any other ideas? :sweat_smile:

Only by chance:

In my area (New Mexico) some residents who live on the edge of town near foothills and open space habitat have bobcats visit their yards. I’m not that fortunate.


We have one sighting (, and we were driving looking for wildlife. Vehicle as a blind has worked well for us. Bobcat was certainly a species we were looking our for but neither explicitly seeking nor expecting. This was a rural subdivision on garbage pickup day

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I’ve seen them in the wild before - although from a car or home window might not count in the same way that a blind would.
Juvenile bobcats, at least in my experience, are a lot less stealthy and are more likely to blow their own cover. What matters is if you’re around to see it.
A young bobcat once spent a good few hours up a dead tree, in full view, getting mobbed by birds. That was probably my best view of one, and it was from quite a distance.

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