Jobs nowadays for noobs and old

Hi guys,

I am new here and I want to make new friends that works in all areas related to wildlife.

I want to make network with everyone, specially with entomologists. Whomever knows about the know how to engage a new job without experience, please, teach me how to do so. I seek for a job that I can work to research about insects for the rest of my life.

If it can be possible in a project among several institutions or some of them and in Brazil or South America zone. I can accept in other places in world in the beggining. For starting on it I can accept whatever job, I just want to start it, I can be a volunteer inicially.

My point here is to find a job as an entomologist. What is the next step?

For entry level and volunteer jobs, your best bet is to find out who near you is already working in entomology. Can you be their volunteer? Their student? Do they have a community science project you can throw yourself into?
If I was in Aracaju, for example, I would see if anyone at Universidade Federal de Sergipe needed any help.


The economic reality is that most jobs in entomology are going to be with agricultural agencies or extension offices, or in some cases, mosquito abatement districts. Which means that you would probably be working mainly with insects that are considered pests; although biocontrol is a growing area of interest.

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