Join the FIGG challenge! (Four Inch Golden Globe)

Maybe you’ve heard this one on the news already:

So I thought it might be fun to join in the guesswork circus and hear what kind of taxonomic speculations iNaturalists come up with on this one.

There’s not much in terms of evidence to go on besides what’s already in the mass media, but if you find more on this, please share!

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i’m sort of underwhelmed seeing the pictures of it. it isn’t much of a globe.

reminds me of stuff like this around cold seeps:

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More like a Golden Blob. If it is from an organism, analysis of a DNA sample should provide an answer.

Aw c’mon. Sure. But what’s the fun in that? Any guesses, suspicions?

I call dibs on an aquatic Myxomycetes.

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It looks to be made up of a series of thin sheets, so I’ll go for a protective covering over eggs of some sort.


I’m guessing biofilm/bacterial mat or half decayed whaleskin/blubber

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