Any thoughts about this deep ocean mystery?

NYT says scientists are asking for ideas about solving this deep ocean mystery.

NOAA pic
“The question the scientists are posing, to themselves and to the public in posts on Twitter and Facebook, is: What is creating those marks, with the holes spaced 4 or more inches apart and the lines extending from 5 feet to more than 6 feet, on the ocean floor?

“The origin of the holes has scientists stumped,” said the post on Twitter from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Exploration project. “The holes look human made, but the little piles of sediment around them suggest they were excavated by … something.”

Any thoughts?
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Reminds me of the infamous Palaeodictyon, which has existed in the deep ocean from the Cambrian to the present day, only identifiable by its telltale closely-spaced hexagonal holes, yet which no one knows the identity of.


For anyone else who needs to look it up like I did!:


That was my thought too.

PBS Eons did an episode on them recently


could be a type of deep sea sandworm?


That seems conceivable. Maybe someday they will discover a new species with this “gut” print, (is that what you’d call it?)

Oh I’ve heard about this! I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be related to Paleodictyon. Although we still don’t know what organism forms Paleodictyon and other similar burrows.

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