Join the Great Stink Bug Challenge, a citizen science project!

Hey all,

While I’m not associated with this project (although I’m very much hoping to participate), I wanted to let everyone know about a stink bug-centric citizen science project coming out of my alma mater, Mizzou. Check out the website for more information here:


So interesting that none of those images are what I would call a stink bug. The perils of common names!


“Data is collected weekly from mid-August to mid-October, 2022”

Sounds like we might have just missed this year’s window.


I think they are trying to gather folks for next fall- not sure whether they went ahead with things this fall or not. And yes, haha- those common names are a mess with Pentatamoidea!

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Stink bug in California is a local name for pinicate and darkling beetles (which aren’t even bugs!). But outside of here, it’s pretty universally applied to the true bugs that are the subject of this challenge.

I know little about insects, no surprise there. “Darkling beetle” or “acrobat beetle” were names I learned within the last 5 years, but before I only knew that beetle as “stink bug.”

Question - If we choose to participate (for me that is impossible for at least the next 6 mo.) do we get supplied with the pheromone/trap? And how specific is the pheromone? If it’s a sticky trap, how do we identify the bugs? Without a microscope?
And, to be pedantic, “Data is collected weekly” should be ‘the data will be collected weekly’ or ‘the data are collected weekly’. Sorry, I’m feeling like a nit picker today!

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I winced at that as well, but didn’t say anything!


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