Kragga Kamma Game Park--Wild or not?

This small park outside of Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) has introduced free-roaming “charismatic megafauna” some not strictly native - antelope & ostriches being the most notable. Would these be classified as wild or not? To be this is more like a safari park in certain respects than a nature reserve…

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If there’re boundaries they can’t move from and they depend on people, they’re captive.


I would treat it as a zoo and captive.
Perhaps once they are breeding in captivity, that is, wild ish. Which is how iNat treats plants.


I feel would be the deciding factor. Most megafauna in South Africa is restricted through fencing. Then we would have to include most of the national parks as well as captive. Tell that to the big 5 in Addo.
In my opinion, just because they out of their range does not make them captive. But without human intervention they will die, that could be considered as captive.


Well, it souded like a smaller enclosure than what national parks have? Though I didn’t google it, but it sounded like the discussed case of lemurs (?) on an island.

We’ve had this convo before. About Bison, and then it went to African wildlife.

That would include a lot of rare plants threatened by invasive species.

it depends on the animals there and if they have high fences or not

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